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Gary McLaughlin and Michael Atkins, MD

gary mclaughlin and dr

Oncologists Fight Cancer With Body's Immune System

April 23 | NBC4

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Learn more about Gary’s experience with Immunotherapy here:

Melanoma Patients are Seeing Dramatic Results with New Therapies at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

April 20 | MedStar Georgetown

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Quadejah Harris, Korey Scott, Jeremy Dick and Isobel Short

Quadejah, Korey, Jeremy and Isobel - Domino Liver Transplants

How maple syrup urine disease in one girl saved another man’s life

March 30 | The Washington Post

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William Wegman

William Wegman

Wegman, the Weimaraner artist, brings cheer to kids at Georgetown cancer clinic 

Jan. 29 |The Washington Post 

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Seana Frost-Barnes, Khalid Khan, MD and Chirag Desai, MD

seana and islet cell

First Islet Cell Transplant for Chronic Pancreatitis at MedStar Georgetown is Performed

Sept. 3 | MedStar Georgetown

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Euvon Jones and Nancy Dawson, MD

Euvon Jones and Dr

Cancer drug helps increase survival for stage 4 patient

Oct. 9 | The Baltimore Times

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Learn more about Euvon's experience:

Euvon's Story: Advanced Prostate Cancer & Immunotherapy

Sept. 8 | MedStar Georgetown YouTube Channel

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Cynthia Decker, Toni Badinger, Matthew Cooper, MD and Jennifer Verbesey, MD

toni and cynthia

The offering: She was determined to give a gift to a near-stranger that would test and change them both.

Dec. 23 | The Washington Post

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Matt Sheads and Shawna Willey, MD

matt sheads and Dr. Willey UPDATED

Breast Cancer and Breast Surgery in Men

October 12 | WUSA9

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Michael Pishvaian, MD and his patient Susan

Precision Medicine Helps One Woman Beat the Odds: Genetic testing can lead pancreatic cancer patients to the study of tailored treatment

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Watch the entire NBC4 special report, “Curing Cancer,” here


Alan Hoffman and Fernando Pagan, MD

alan hoffman and pagan

Can A Cancer Drug Reverse Parkinson's Disease And Dementia?

October 17 | NPR

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Michele Pothier, Janice Doherty and Jennifer Verbesey, MD

Michele and Janice - sister hazel

'Sister Hazel' band mate Ryan Newell surprises two fans recovering from kidney transplants

Oct. 20 | WJLA ABC7

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Read more about the Soul Sisters’ experience here:

Sister Hazel fans bond, save, receive life through organ transplant

Oct. 23 | The Frederick News-Post

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Dianna Rotter, Natalia Walker and Thomas Fishbein, MD

Diana Walker and Natalia

Baby gets life-saving liver donation from 'Star Wars' fan

Nov. 23 | TODAY Season of Kindness

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Learn more about Natalia’s story:

Baby Girl Gets Life-Saving Liver Transplant From Stranger 

Nov. 23| NBC4

Watch Baby Natalia’s story here 


Robert Schoenbauer

Robert Schoenbauer

Immunotherapy for Patients With Lung Cancer is Showing Promise

July 17 | MedStar Georgetown

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Watch the entire NBC4 special report, “Curing Cancer,” here


Robert Spezzano and Andrea Singer, MD

robert spezzano and osteoporosis

Men and Osteoporosis

March 20 | NBC4

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Learn more about osteoporosis in men:

Men Are New Target for Osteoporosis Treatment

March 23 | The Wall Street Journal

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Owen Falco and Michael Kessler, MD

owen and snake bite UPDATED

Doctors Issue Warning After Boy Bitten by Snake

May 19 | NBC4

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“Caped Crusader” Lenny B. Robinson


MedStar Georgetown Community Mourns Death of Lenny B. Robinson, the Caped Crusader who Brought Hope and Fun to Sick Children

Aug. 18 | MedStar Georgetown

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Read more about the caped crusader’s work:

A Day for Heroes at MedStar Georgetown: Batman helps Pediatrics celebrate at annual Super Hero Party

April 9 | MedStar Georgetown

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