Faces of 2016

Faces of 2016


Karlene Novotny & Cal Matsumoto, MD


Part 1: Pennsylvania woman to undergo life-saving bowel transplant surgery

Nov. 19 | Fox News Philadelphia

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Part 2: Life-Changing Call: Local Woman Receives Rare Organ Transplant

Jan. 24 | Fox News Philadelphia

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Baby Blake, Thomas Fishbein, MD & Stuart Kaufman, MD

baby blake

Family makes public plea to help find baby new liver

Nov. 3 | Fox5

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Bebé trasplantado en Maryland supera crisis

Nov. 24 | Telemundo

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Brenda Hudson, Dana Hudson, Michelle Tucker, Jennifer Verbesey, MD & Matthew Cooper, MD

brenda and company

New kidneys 40 years apart show transplant progress, hurdles

July 11 | AP

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Georgetown Hospital’s First Live Donor Recipient Gets Another Kidney 40 Years Later

Sept. 8 | NBC4

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MedStar Georgetown’s First Living Donor Kidney Recipient Gets Second Transplant – 40 Years Later

July 10 | MedStar Georgetown

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Kelly Chapman & Troy Pittman,MD


Nearly Painless Breast Reconstruction

Oct. 18 | ABC

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Breast Cancer Patients See and Feel Benefits of New Reconstruction Technique with No Muscle Cutting

Oct. 18 | MedStar Georgetown

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Cathy Kalimon & Joseph Myers, MD


Double Mastectomy with Opioid-Free Anesthesia: Cathy's Story

Oct. 21 | MedStar Georgetown

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Breast Surgery without Opioids Mastectomy: Patient Embraces ComfortSafe Anesthesia, Recovers with No Nausea

Sept. 10 | MedStar Georgetown

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Wyatt Smith & John Marshall, MD


Not your typical Colon Cancer patient

March 4 | WJLA

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Learn more about Colon Cancer in Young People: Wyatt's Struggle with Colon Cancer at age 28

March 7 | WJLA

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A Rise in Young People Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Aug. 22 | MedStar Georgetown

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Special thanks to Austin Thomas and Amanda Fliegel for sharing their stories too!

Doctors Report More Young People Getting Colon Cancer

March 23 | NBC4

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Jeffrey Edwards & Peter Abrams, MD


Cure for Diabetes

March 23 | NBC4

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Curing Diabetes with Kidney/Pancreas Transplant

June 7 | MedStar Georgetown

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Watch Marhea’s story about how a kidney-pancreas transplant cured her diabetes!


Stephan Silverman & Deepa Subramanium, MD



Shannon Semple & Giussepe Giaccone, MD


Shannon's Story: Immunotherapy for Rare Thymic Carcinoma

June 15 | MedStar Georgetown

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Immunotherapy Gave Hope for One Thymic Carcinoma Patient

Sept. 29 | Blog: Inside Cancer

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Edward Eckenhoff & Blair Marshall, MD


Removing Esophageal Cancer without Cracking the Chest

Nov. 10 | MedStar Georgetown


Dvir Sabag


12-year-old Gaithersburg boy launches fundraiser for liver transplant clinic

Dec. 24 | WJLA

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Moussa, MD,PhD & Fernando Pagan, MD


Study: Cancer Drug Restores Important Brain Dopamine in Parkinson’s Patients

July 18 | MedStar Georgetown

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Mike McCall & Mark Zawadsky, MD


Double Hip Replacement - Mike McCall's Story

June 27 | MedStar Georgetown

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See what else happened in Orthopaedics this year:

Watch Betsy Bassan’s story about rotator cuff repair!

Amy’s back to doing handstands! Watch her story.


Mike Kenney & Michael Pishvaian, MD


The Next Frontier: The Promise of Immunotherapy in Gastrointestinal Cancers

March 24 | Cure

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Esophageal Cancer & Immunotherapy: Mike Kenney

Feb. 24 | MedStar Georgetown

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Nancy Dawson, MD


Some D.C. doctors are tackling cancer cures in a surprisingly low-tech way

Sept. 29 | Washington Business Journal

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Leta Brown & Michael Atkins, MD


How Immunotherapy Gave Leta Brown Her Life Back

Aug. 12 | Blog: Inside Cancer

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Advanced Melanoma & Immunotherapy: Leta Brown's Story

March 22 | MedStar Georgetown

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