Student Nurse Internships

Summer in the City

Each summer, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital hosts more than fifty nursing students from around the country for a ten-week nurse technician program. Here, students gain valuable, hands-on experience that sets them apart. Our paid externship helps nursing students discover new nursing specialties through paid shadow days. Bi-weekly Lunch and Learn meetings engage nurse technicians in conversations about professional and clinical topics and prepare them for their next role as new graduate nurses. Our nurse technicians even explore Washington, D.C. on a fun local scavenger hunt, an experience that allows them to get to know the city and each other.


Paid internships are available in most specialty areas, and the opportunity to apply for a $10,000 scholarship is available exclusively to participants.



Upcoming Program: May 24- July 31, 2021
Application Period: November 6- December 7, 2020
Interviews: January- March, 2021


 Additional application documentation will be requested, including

  • Current resume and cover letter
  • Current official transcript (reflecting a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or greater)
  • Two clinical faculty reference letters (on official university letterhead)
  • Employer reference if you have worked as a Nurse Technician/Extern/CNA/Care Partner
  • Unit or specialty area preference

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  • Completion of a Med/Surg Clinical by Spring 2021
  • Current enrollment in a BSN program
  • Minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA
  • Availability for full-time employment to include rotating shifts and weekends


  • “Looking back on my first week on the floor, I was so nervous to place my first IV and draw blood work. Now, I go into patients’ rooms with confidence. Through the nurse externship program, I have become a better student, a better nurse, and a better person.” Greg, Emergency Department
  • “What I loved most about these past few months was that if there was something I wanted to see or do, I had the ability to do it. If you’ve always wanted to see brain surgery, you can go observe a craniotomy. If you want to count a billion sponges, you can go count sponges in a liver transplant.” Joe, Operating Room
  • “Working on my unit is amazing. It leaves my feet aching at the end of the day, but my heart full. On my unit, we do not just care for patients-- we care for every visitor who walks onto our floor. We know health is not limited to simply the medical diagnoses. This experience has taught me to go above and beyond. A lesson like that is priceless.” Grace, Surgical Specialties Unit 6 Main
  • “My professors are always telling me the importance of being a Magnet® nurse, but it wasn’t until I saw the nurses on my unit, and the ones that I shadowed here, that I fully realized the extent of the importance of being a Magnet nurse.” Elizabeth, General Medicine 4 Bles
  • “I've been lucky enough to learn how to work an arterial line, read a head CT, and much more. Not only has this experience given me a whole new skill set, but it has afforded me the opportunity to be a part of patients' lives. That is such a privilege.” Sarah, Neuroscience ICU
  • “Coming into the summer, I was quite nervous. But I have loved working at a university affiliated hospital, where everyone is willing to teach and learn. I’ve met patients that I will remember for the rest of my career.” Savannah, Vascular Medical/Surgical Intermediate Care Unit 4 East