Nursing Programs and Scholarships

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital offers the following nursing programs and scholarships:

New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

Apply now for the Summer Nurse Residency Program, commencing July 24, 2017

The MGUH Nurse Residency Program provides Graduate Registered Nurses with mentoring and support that is critical to their professional development. Our program is one of the 70 UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Programs and includes the following elements:

  • Transition from being an advanced-beginner nurse to a competent professional nurse in the clinical environment
  • Developing effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance
  • Providing clinical nursing leadership at the point-of-care
  • Strengthening Nurse Resident’s commitment to nursing as a professional career choice
  • Formulating an individual development plan for Nurse Resident’s new clinical role
  • Incorporating research-based evidence linked to practice outcomes into the care the Nurse Resident provides

As a MGUH Nurse Resident, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Graduate from an accredited BSN program
  • Willingness to commit to full-time employment for 2 years
  • Participate in monthly seminar/learning activities
  • Complete an evidence-based project related to unit specialty
  • Complete evaluations of the program, preceptors and facilitators

Program Overview

During the first week of employment the Nurse Resident will attend hospital orientation (1 day), general nursing orientation (2 days) and systems training (2 days). During the second week of employment the Nurse Residents are given time on their designated units to meet with their Clinical Educators and Clinical Managers and explore their new place of employment.

Throughout the first month of employment clinical topic classes are provided to the Nurse Residents. Some examples of clinical topic classes are:

  • IV/phlebotomy
  • Blood transfusion
  • IV pumps
  • Feeding pumps
  • Code response
  • Chest tubes
  • CAPD
  • Respiratory care
  • And many more topics

Depending on the nursing unit the Nurse Resident is assigned, a two day telemetry course may be required for the Nurse Resident to provide time for the Nurse Resident time to understand EKG’s.

For Nurse Resident’s who are assigned to the PACU, ED, MICU, PICU or Neuroscience ICU, a basic critical care course is required and provided through the Department of Nursing Education. The course is approximately seven weeks and includes many opportunities for hands on learning using case studies.

Specialty unit orientations are provided in adult oncology, operating room, PACU, NICU and pediatrics. These orientations will provide Nurse Residents specific knowledge related to their patient populations.

In addition, on all units, Clinical Educators will provide clinical classroom time dedicated to their specific patient population and related issues.

Throughout the first year of employment monthly seminars will be provided for Nurse Residents which focus on their professional development. This will help strengthen the Nurse Residents experience during their transition period. Some examples of the topics to be provided include:

  • Conflict management
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Evidence based practice
  • Pain management
  • End of life issues
  • Culture and Diversity
  • And many more

It is our belief at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital that nurses come with a variety of experiences, skills, education and backgrounds. Nurse Residents are adult learners and therefore should be active participants and partners in their learning process. It is the expectation that Nurse Residents will be accountable to identify their learning needs and seek out the guidance to meet those needs. Our staff is committed to providing an individualized and flexible orientation.

If you have any questions about the Nurse Resident Program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital please feel free to call Nurse Recruitment and Retention at 202-444-1215.

Download the 2017 New Grad Nurse Residency Flyer

Student Nurse Technician Program

Apply now for the 2017 Summer Nurse Technician Program

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital has a very unique summer nurse tech program! For ten weeks each summer, MedStar Georgetown hosts 50 nursing students from around the country. Each nursing student is trained to work as a Nurse Tech and learns skills that are extremely valuable to their nursing education. This paid externship is not a shadow program. MedStar Georgetown also hosts bi-weekly Lunch and Learns, a local scavenger hunt, and other events to introduce the nursing students to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and the Washington D.C. area. Externships are available in most specialty areas and shadow days are available for participants throughout the summer.

Download the 2017 Summer Nurse Tech Flyer

Clinical Scholars Program

Designed to enhance the confidence, clinical expertise and level of professionalism of novice nurses entering practice at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, this initiative is a collaborative program of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Division of Nursing and Baccalaureate Nursing Programs.

Those selected to participate enjoy the unique opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and practice in the nursing area of their choice.