Before You Arrive


Georgetown M.D.

Georgetown M.D. (Medical Directory) is a free physician referral service offered by MedStar Georgetown University Hospital to help you find the doctor who best meets your unique medical needs.

With access to more than 900 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital physicians, the experienced and knowledgeable nurse counselors are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In addition to scheduling your appointment or referral, these nurses can provide you with insightful information about physicians:

  • special areas of expertise
  • medical practice philosophy
  • education and credentials
  • office hours and locations
  • age and gender
  • insurance participation

Also, these compassionate nurses will answer your questions about the many resources and services available at Georgetown so you can make well-educated healthcare decisions.

Call a nurse counselor today to find the best doctor for all of your healthcare needs.

866-745-2633 (toll free)

Hospital Admission

The Department of Care Management will contact you to let you know what time you should arrive at the hospital. Here are several things to do before you are admitted:

  • Insurance information

    Bring your insurance information with you.

  • Pre-admission tests

    Be sure that copies of X-rays taken at other facilities are given to your doctor or nurse. Your health coverage may require that you have your outpatient and pre-admission radiology and/or laboratory services performed at another facility. Call your insurer for details.

  • Names of your doctors

    The doctor who admitted you to the hospital is your primary care physician and should be identified as such for all insurance purposes. Be sure to tell our admissions office the name of your other doctors (e.g., internist, pediatrician, gynecologist, family physician, primary care physician) so that we can communicate with your personal doctor as necessary.

  • Treatment consent and financial responsibility

    You will be asked to sign an agreement regarding treatment consent and financial responsibility for expenses for which you are responsible, including services not covered by your insurers. Please read it carefully.

Surgery Center Patients

If you are having surgery, you will be admitted to the hospital through our Surgery Center located at Entrance 2 near the Emergency Department entrance. Valet parking is available at no additional charge and a concierge inside will assist you with the admissions process.

Upon your arrival at the hospital, please take time to verify your insurance information with the Surgery Center staff. Be sure to bring your insurance card and any referral or authorization form you received from your doctor or insurer.

If you are having surgery or a procedure on the same day that you are admitted, your family and friends will be asked to wait in the Surgery Center.

If you are being admitted for an overnight hospitalization, your family and friends will be directed to the Surgery Waiting Area on 2 CCC. Our staff will tell them your room number when your surgery is over.


Pre-registration allows us to make better use of patients' time when they arrive for scheduled services. It also permits MedStar Georgetown University Hospital the opportunity to contact patients' insurance plans in advance of their appointments/admissions, to ensure that appropriate pre-authorizations and pre-certifications (when required) are obtained from the insurance companies. This enables patients to receive the maximum benefits afforded by their health insurance.

How is a pre-registration completed?

A pre-registration staff member calls patients in advance of many scheduled appointments/procedures to review their demographic and health insurance information or collect that information for the first time in the case of new patients to MGUH.

You can pre-register by contacting us Monday -Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:00 pm on 202-444-1407 or 1-877-208-1590 (toll free).

**Please remember on the day of appointment to bring with you all identifications, insurance cards, co-payments, deductibles and referral, when applicable. Also, you will be asked to confirm information at the time of registration and to sign consent forms.

All departments may not be using this function at the present time. Please check the departmental listing.

If you are Medicare eligible, please complete the MSP form.

We look forward to serving you. Please feel free to ask the Pre-Registration representative who contacts you any questions or concerns you may have so that we might assist you appropriately.


Wheelchairs are available at the concierge desk located in the Pasquerilla lobby (ground floor) and the Main building lobby (first floor).

If you need assistance, please call 202-444-2750, Monday - Friday, 7AM to 6PM.