Information for Parents of Hospitalized Children

The staff of the Pediatric ICU and Pediatrics Unit takes great pride in offering your child excellent care. We are committed to the principles of family-centered care that encourage close collaboration and cooperation between the healthcare team, patient and parent.

Your Child's Comfort

We realize that as parents, you want your child to feel comfortable and secure while in the hospital. We encourage you to bring items from home that are familiar and reassuring to your child such as a favorite toy and book; small blanket and pillow; pajama, slippers and daytime outfit; DVD and VHS movies; and photos of family, friends and pets.

Parents or primary adult caregivers are welcome to visit their child 24 hours a day and while overnight arrangements differ depending on the acuity of your child, for general pediatric patients, a parent may spend the night in a sleeper cot in the child's room. Guests should visit during hospital hours 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Siblings are welcome to visit but due to space limitations, no more than three people at a time, including parents, are allowed in a child's room.

Preparing Your Child

Talk with your child about the hospital and what he/she might expect during the stay. There are many members of their healthcare team who will meet with them throughout the day, such as doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and others. They will visit and talk with the child and family in the room.

The healthcare team will need to examine your child and provide clinical care such as medications, checking temperature and blood pressure. They will sometimes wear gloves, masks and gowns. To learn more about preparing your child, please visit our webpage, and type "Child Life" under "Search." Click on "Preparing Your Child for Hospitalization."

Patient and Family Services

Many services, geared specifically towards hospitalized children, their families and their needs are available to our patients and their families. These services include:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers - devoted to pediatrics, offering counseling and support in collaboration with the members of the healthcare team.
  • Child Life Specialist - specially trained to meet the emotional and developmental needs of your child throughout the hospital experience. The Child Life Specialist can provide you and your child positive coping strategies to diminish the stress and fear that can occur during unexpected or planned hospital admission, through therapeutic play and recreational activities such as arts and crafts, toys, games, seasonal celebrations. The Child Life Program offers your child and family opportunities for diversion activity and socialization. Please contact the Child Life Specialist at ext. 4-3037.
  • Pastoral Care - offering spiritual counseling and use of the chapel to all families.
  • Family lounge - for the use of patients, siblings and their families is located on the pediatric floor.
  • Patient Advocates - that support families and help them to navigate all aspects of hospitalization and care.

More information related specifically to the care of our hospitalized children is available upon admittance to the Pediatric Floor, including information regarding the medical team, hospital routines, patient updates, visiting hours, international services, donor-directed blood, discharge and the Pediatric Parent Advisory Board.

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