When You Arrive – Where to Go

When you arrive at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, please use the following entrances:

Use Entrance 1 for:

  • Outpatient Parking Lot
  • Gorman Valet Parking
  • North Hospital Entrance
  • Bles Building
  • Concentrated Care Center (CCC)
  • Gorman Building
  • Kober Cogan Building
  • Lombardi Cancer Research Center
  • Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Pasquerilla Healthcare Center (PHC)

Use Entrance 2 for:

  • Hospital Parking Garage
  • Emergency Department
  • Admissions Department
  • Main Hospital Entrance
  • Pediatric Surgery Center
  • Radiology and MRI

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Where to Go

Regular Admissions

If you are to be admitted to the hospital, you may be dropped off at the Main Hospital Entrance. Enter at Entrance 2 (Emergency Department), go left past the guard booth to the circular drive and hospital entrance at the top of the hill. The Admissions Office is directly across the hall from the lobby. Parking is available in the hospital parking garage (entrance 2).

Surgery/Pediatric Surgery Center

If you are coming to the hospital for surgery, enter through Entrance 2, and proceed to the door under the green awning for the Surgery Center. The registration desk is just inside the door. You may park in the hospital parking garage at Entrance 2.

Physician Visits

If you are coming for a physician office visit, proceed through Entrance 1 and park in the outpatient parking lot. Enter through the Pasquerilla Healthcare Center (PHC). Drop off and valet parking are available outside the Pasquerilla/Gorman and Lombardi entrances.   

Lombardi Comprehensive Care Center

The Lombardi Comprehensive Care Center main entrance and lobby are now open. The entrance will be open on weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and closed on weekends. Valet parking is available.

Lombardi EntranceLombardi lobby

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair accessibility for physician visits is best at the Gorman Building and Pasquerilla Healthcare Center (PHC) entrances (Entrance 1). For Admissions, Radiology and Surgery, use Entrance 2 for access to the Main Hospital Building and the Concentrated Care Center (CCC).