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MedStarGeorgetownMD, previously called MyGeorgetownMD, is a free quarterly community newsletter that contains articles about various healthcare topics.

MedStarGeorgetownMD Spring 2021 cover photo of publication

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Spring 2021

MedStarGeorgetownMD Fall 2020 cover photo of publication

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Winter 2021

MedStarGeorgetownMD Winter 2021 cover photo of publication

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Fall 2020

MedStarGeorgetownMD Winter 2020 cover photo of publication

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Summer 2020

MedStarGeorgetownMD Winter 2020 cover photo of publication

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Winter 2020

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Fall 2019 

MedStarGeorgetownMD - Spring 2019 

MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2019 

MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2018 


MyGeorgetownMD - Spring/Summer 2018

MyGeorgetownMD Winter 2018 Cover

MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2018 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2017 Issue

MyGeorgetownMD Summer 2017

MyGeorgetownMD - Summer 2017 Issue

MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2017 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2016 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Spring 2016 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2016 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2015 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Summer 2015 Issue


MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2015 Issue

  • News Anesthesia Technique Provides Comfort to Queasy Patient
  • Hand Surgery Returns Eager Rider to the Road
  • Latest Cancer Treatment: Proton Therapy Coming to MedStar Georgetown
  • When the Weather Outside is Frightful
  • Because You Asked: What Can I Do to Improve My Recovery From Joint Replacement Surgery?
  • Robotic Surgery Enhances Safety and Precision in Liver Resections
MyGeorgetownMD fall 2014

MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2014 Issue

  • Parkinson's Doesn't Define My Life Anymore
  • Husband Saves Wife's Life as Living Kidney Donor
  • Because You Asked: Being "Mindfully Present" Can Reduce Stress
  • New Treatment for Chronic Pancreatitis: Islet Cell Transplantation
  • Heart Attack Symptoms: Women vs. Men
  • Cancer Care Renewal: National Cancer Institute Designation

MyGeorgetownMD - Spring 2014 Issue

  • Stunning Successes: So Many Lives Saved: Kidney Transplant Program’s 40th Anniversary
  • Less Invasive Spinal Surgery Relieves Lifelong Pain
  • Because You Asked: When is Common Heartburn Worth Checking out?
  • Epilepsy Surgery Gets patients back on Track
  • Allergies: Mild or Not, They are Nothing to Sneeze At
  • Home Dialysis provides Freedom and Comfort

MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2013 Issue

  • Debilitating Digestive Disorder Cured Using Ancient Chinese Remedy
  • Back to Normal: Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Resolves Pain, Restores Mobility
  • Because You Asked: What Do I Need to Know About Osteoporosis?
  • Urgent Care Center or the ED: Where Should I Go?
  • Hip Procedure Relieves Pain, Postpones Replacement for Some
  • Welcome New Physicians
  • Fighting a Smarter War Against Cancer A Three-Part Symposium

MyGeorgetownMD - Summer 2013 Issue

  • Shoulder Replacement Surgery: A Family Affair
  • Taking on a Rare Sarcoma and Winning
  • Finding the Best Possible Prostate Cancer Care
  • Because You Asked: “How Do I Know if Prostate Cancer Surgery is Right for Me?”
  • Breast Cancer Patient Advises Others: “Do Yourself a Favor — Check in With Medstar Georgetown”
  • Thinking DIY (Do It Yourself)? Avoid Common Injuries
  • Welcome New Physicians
  • MedStar Georgetown Pediatrics is expanding and relocating Summer 2013!

MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2013 Issue

  • Ending the Suffering: New Huntington Disease Center Tackles Debilitating Brain Disorder
  • Reducing the Pain of Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Becoming a Living Kidney Donor (Because You Asked)
  • Preventing and Treating Burns … and Knowing When to Call the Experts
  • New MedStar Health Center Focuses on Women
  • Welcome New Physicians

MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2012 Issue

  • “Greenlighting” Successful Kidney Cancer Treatment
  • Pancreatic Cancer Patient: “I Had the Right Doctors Doing the Right Things”
  • What Lies Ahead in Cancer Research? (Because You Asked)
  • Getting Enough Sleep?
  • Ending Hip Dislocations and Improving Quality of Life
MyGeorgetownMD 2012 Spring

MyGeorgetownMD - Spring 2012 Issue

  • Latest Surgical and Hyperbaric Therapy Techniques Prevent Limb Amputation
  • Three Stroke Care Teams, One Great Outcome
  • What Can I Do To Manage My Parkinson’s Symptoms? (Because You Asked)
  • First in D.C. to Earn “Baby-Friendly” Award
  • Common Questions Answered in Our Ask-a-Doc Online Library
  • Be Safe With Spring Cleaning

MyGeorgetownMD - Winter 2012 Issue

  • Active Lifestyle Preserved With Innovative Ankle Replacement Surgery
  • High-Risk Obstetrics Team Helps Mom With Cystic Fibrosis Deliver a Healthy Baby Boy
  • MedStar Georgetown Opens New Infusion Center for Oncology Patients
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – Not Your Grandmother’s Rheumatism (Because You Asked)
  • Treating Pregnancy Emergencies
  • Stay Connected to Your Family and Friends

MyGeorgetownMD - Fall 2011 Issue

  • Epilepsy Surgery: Controlling Seizures Improving Lives
  • Reinventing Minimally Invasive Procedures to Treat Lung Cancer
  • Nutrition and Body Weight (Because You Asked)
  • Seizures 101
  • Revolutionary Approach to Hip Replacement Frees Patient from a Long Recovery

MyGeorgetownMD - Summer 2011 Issue

  • Novel Approach to Pancreatic Surgery Eases Recovery
  • Delicate Neck Surgery Preserves Range of Motion and Active Lifestyle
  • Questions About Eye Care (Because You Asked)
  • D.C.’s First Comprehensive Bloodless Medicine Program
  • Pain From Kidney Stones?