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organ donation

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Karlene’s Story

Life-Changing Call: Local Woman Receives Rare Organ Transplant

Battalion Chief Paul McNeel’s story

Patient Story: Small Intestine Recipient (Battalion Chief Paul McNeel)

Small Bowel Evaluation

Small Bowel infographic

Learn about Small Bowel Transplantation at MedStar Georgetown




Jan and Michele’s story

Operation: Soul Sister with Dr. Jennifer Verbesey - ABC7

Tina and Rolanda’s story

Living Kidney Donation - Tina and Rolanda's Story 

Kidney Evaluation

“It’s not like I’m asking for a pair of shoes. I can’t give this back.”

Read Toni and Cynthia’s story in The Washington PostThe offering: She was determined to give a gift to a near-stranger that would test and change them both


Kidney infographic

 Learn about Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation at MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute




Molly and Sage’s story

Life-Saving Gift from a Stranger - NBC4

Diana and Natalia’s story

Baby Girl Gets Life-Saving Liver Transplant From Stranger - NBC4

Liver Evaluation link

 “The amazing thing is that while the liver is toxic in the person with MSUD, it can be a life saver to another person who doesn’t have the disorder”

 Read Isobel, Korey, Quadejah and Jeremy’s story in The Washington Post.

 Liver infographic

 Learn about Liver Transplantation at MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute




Become a living donor

Most people who are healthy can be a donor. You will need to undergo an evaluation, which includes lab work, radiologic tests and an office visit. Once cleared, you schedule a convenient time for you and the recipient.  The kidney is removed laparoscopically, which leads to a shorter hospital stay and faster return to normal activities. Take the first step.

  1. Learn about the evaluation process for organ donation to become a living donor
  2. Fill out a living donor form below
    - I am considering donating my kidney.
    - I am considering donating my liver.


 Register as an organ, eye and tissue donor with Donate Life at


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