MedStar Georgetown University Hospital has one of the highest volume and most reputable transplant programs in the United States. The program's survival rates are among the top in the nation for both adults and children.

Our success is based upon experience earned from performing approximately 2,000 kidney, liver, pancreas, small bowel, colon, stomach and multi-organ transplants to date. Additionally, we have introduced and perfected some groundbreaking operations and less invasive surgical techniques that make complex operations easier on both patients and living donors.

Specialty centers and programs include:

From the outset, our approach is collaborative and unique. A multidisciplinary team of nationally known surgeons and medical specialists work together with non-clinical experts to explore all advanced options for people with:

  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Pancreatic, liver or bile duct tumors and cancers
  • Diabetes or chronic pancreatitis
  • Small bowel diseases
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • Portal hypertension and other conditions

When transplant is the best answer, MedStar Georgetown is prepared with the right combination of talent, technology and techniques. That expertise offers many people their best chance for recovery and an improved quality of life. Along with the formation of the Georgetown Transplant Institute-a collaboration between MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center-highly trained physicians offer a wider range of care for people who need organ transplants.

First and Foremost

  • Site of the nation's largest paired-kidney exchange operation to date, a complex procedure that assists people with willing-but incompatible-living donors find matches
  • The nation's second largest intestinal and multivisceral transplant program
  • One of the nation's largest pediatric liver transplant programs
  • Among the few transplant centers to use a laparoscopic approach to remove liver segments from living donors instead of traditional open surgery, resulting in smaller incisions, less pain and a faster recovery
  • The mid-Atlantic's first 15-suite Transplant Center for Children, allowing parents to stay with their children throughout evaluation, transplant and recovery
  • The region's most thorough interdisciplinary team of surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, hepatologists and anesthesiologists dedicated to diseases of the liver, pancreas and bile duct
  • A pioneer in using:
    • the split-liver technique, enabling two recipients to benefit from one organ
    • antibody desensitization to improve kidney compatibility, expanding the pool of available organs
    • research to reduce organ rejection, improve care and results

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