Mission, Vision and Values


To be the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health

“To be the trusted leader” is a particularly powerful phrase. To be worthy of trust, we must accept responsibility to set the highest possible standard for our performance. Earning and keeping trust obligates us to do our very best every day, in every encounter, with every patient. Earning and granting trust is essential to our mission of providing high quality care: gaining our patients’ trust that we will treat them with dignity, skill and kindness; trusting our patients when they describe discomfort or express a need; and trusting one another to work as a team to deliver the best possible care.

The phrase “caring for people” applies to every one of us at MedStar Georgetown, regardless of our job, from those who offer directions to family members lost in a hallway, to those who relieve anxiety by answering billing questions, to those who provide hands-on care to patients. Caring for people also refers to MedStar’s commitment to us and to our commitment to care for our colleagues and our community.

The phrase “advancing health” reflects our role as a teaching hospital and speaks to the wealth of roles we play as we promote the health of our community. It touches on the work we do to make and keep patients well, of course, but also includes our role as an academic medical center. In that capacity, “advancing health” means teaching and training the next generation of physicians, nurses and healthcare providers, and also developing innovative and life-enhancing treatments through our clinical research.


To provide physical and spiritual comfort to our patients and families in the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, caring for the whole person

A mission statement communicates to all the very purpose of our work, or said another way, the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital “reason for being.”  

It is less than twenty-five words long, simple yet elegant. It captures the essence of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital's purpose, and it reflects our Jesuit heritage. The Jesuit principle of cura personalis—care of the whole person—reminds us that we may not always be able to cure, but we must always strive to comfort. This commitment to provide both physical and spiritual comfort is what makes MedStar Georgetown University Hospital  a very special place to work and to receive care, and it sets us apart from other healthcare organizations.


Our value statements describe the behaviors that are necessary for us to be successful in achieving our vision. Our refreshed values, like the vision statement, are common across the MedStar Health system:

  • Service
    We strive to anticipate and meet the needs of our patients, physicians and co-workers.

  • Patient First
    We strive to deliver the best to every patient every day. The patient is the first priority in everything we do.

  • Integrity
    We communicate openly and honestly, build trust and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards.

  • Respect
    We treat each individual, those we serve and those with whom we work, with the highest professionalism and dignity

  • Innovation
    We embrace change and work to improve all we do in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • Teamwork
    System effectiveness is built on the collective strength and cultural diversity of everyone, working with open communication and mutual respect.

These are the same  values that have defined the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital culture for over a century. While each value is important, we  pay special attention to “Patient First.”  Our associates approach each decision by asking, “What will benefit our patients most? How can we improve or change this decision to make our patients’ lives better?” and then act accordingly, we will raise the bar on our performance and continue to earn the trust of those who seek care at MedStar Georgetown.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital follows the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services as outlined by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The Directives can be found on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Our Common Purpose

Create caring moments in the spirit of cura personalis – care for the whole person

There are four Quality Standards which set the priorities for consistent decision making; they are applicable to everyone in any situation. 

Quality Standards

  • Safety
    We are aware of our surroundings and act proactively to maintain a safe and caring environment
  • Compassion
    We smile and greet everyone appropriately, and are respectful and courteous
  • Professionalism
    We project a professional image at all times and demonstrate expertise in our professional practice
  • Coordinated Care
    We work as a coordinated team and provide immediate service recovery