This service provides radiation therapy using CyberKnife to deliver radiation with pinpoint accuracy. This noninvasive treatment option is particularly effective for treating patients who have tumors and lesions of the brain and spine, as well as other sites in the body often diagnosed as inoperable. It marries a robot capable of fine control and precision with an x-band accelerator. The robotic arm targets a tumor with up to 1,400+ precise radiation beams. The arrangement of beams is determined by sophisticated optimization software that attempts to maximize the dose to the tumor while sparing adjacent uninvolved tissue from unneeded radiation. Near real-time imaging allows the robot to adjust to patient and tumor movements and even to adjust to breathing motion. The sheer number of beams and fine robotic control result in delivery of high radiation doses with submillimeter precision. 

The Stereotactic Radiosurgery Center treats a variety of malignant and nonmalignant brain tumors. The center provides treatment to the spine, lung, pancreas, liver and prostate. Results to date have been encouraging, and the indications for this technology are expanding. 

Appointment hours: Monday through Friday

Specialty areas include:

  • Brain and spine
  • Breast
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Head and neck
  • Lung
  • Pediatric
  • Prostate

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