Liver disease can greatly affect quality of life. Choosing a skilled care team can make a world of difference. Here at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Liver Disease Program, you will find dedicated clinicians with decades of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions, including:

Interdisciplinary approach

Liver conditions often overlap with other aspects of health, including medical treatments for other conditions, such as cancer.  It is important to find a care team that understands how your condition relates to the larger picture of your overall health. At MedStar Georgetown’s Liver Disease Program, we provide truly interdisciplinary care.

Our team of expert clinicians work closely with specialists in in radiology, interventional radiology, pathology, and medical oncology.  The wide range of services available at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital allows our physicians to consult with other specialists as needed, make referrals, and simplify your treatment experience.

Serious liver conditions sometimes require organ transplant. Our team includes nationally recognized experts in evaluating liver diseases and identifying patients for transplantation. Patients can be referred to MedStar Georgetown's Transplant Institute, one of the largest liver transplant centers in the mid-Atlantic region.  We are proud of out excellent liver transplant success rates.

Our care

The Liver Disease Program specializes in minimally-invasive and endoscopic approaches. Endoscopic techniques allow clinicians to diagnose and treat conditions using a thin, flexible tube equipped with small lights, a camera, and surgical tools. This tube, called an endoscope, can be inserted into the GI tract through the body’s natural openings or through small incisions.

Endoscopic procedures can be used to identify liver conditions or provide treatment.  Compared to traditional techniques relying upon larger incisions, an endoscopic approach offers faster healing times, less discomfort, and reduced risk of complications.

The Gastroenterology team at MedStar Georgetown performs nearly 16,000 endoscopic procedures per year.  Our physicians' success rates in performing these procedures exceed national standards and are monitored continuously through quality improvement programs overseen by internal and external medical experts.

At the MedStar Georgetown Liver Disease Program, some of the more common endoscopic procedures our clinicians perform include endoscopic liver biopsy and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). In addition to endoscopic procedures, we offer liver function testing, enzyme analysis, liver transplant evaluation.


The Liver Disease Program can connect patients to a multitude of clinical research studies, allowing for access to the latest treatments and surgical techniques. 


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