For many patients with pancreatic cancer, chronic pancreatitis, or other pancreatic conditions, surgery is the best option. A distal pancreatectomy is an operation where the body and/or tail of the pancreas is removed. Your surgeon's goal is to remove as much of the mass as possible, which may require the removal of  the spleen as well. We will then reattach the remaining pancreas so that your body can continue to function as it did before. Our nationally recognized team at the Center for Liver and Pancreas Surgery can perform this procedure using robotic, laparoscopic, or open surgical techniques.

Distal Pancreatectomy with Celiac Axis Resection (Appleby procedure) 

If your condition affects the blood vessels in the pancreas, specifically the celiac artery, we may perform a distal pancreatectomy with celiac axis resection. With this procedure we remove the left pancreas, spleen, and the celiac artery while preserving blood flow to the liver and stomach. We may also reconstruct or replace the artery with a graft to ensure adequate blood flow to the liver.

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