How do I schedule an appointment with a physician?

For more information or to schedule an evaluation by one of our physicians, call our Physician Referral Service at 202-342-2400. This service is staffed by nurse counselors who can put you in touch with the doctor that best meets your personal and medical needs.

To make an appointment with a physician within MedStar Georgetown University Hospital's Gastroenterology Department, call 202-444-8541.

How do I prepare for my procedure?

Each procedure has specific associated preparations. Your physician will advise you how to proceed. Generally speaking, explorations of the large intestine (colon) require it to be empty; you should follow your physician's instructions regarding taking a laxative to achieve this.

Some procedures are done under "twilight" sedation, which may require specific instructions for the day of or day before.

When will my treatment begin?

If you are having a procedure for the purposes of diagnosing a condition, your physician may be able to partially treat it immediately (such as removing polyps during a colonoscopy or performing a sphincterotomy during an ERCP).

Some diagnoses, such as GI cancers, require coordinating with other MedStar Georgetown physicians, such as at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Sometimes procedures are done as part of a fact-finding mission, to gather information used to make a treatment plan, such as in the case of evaluating your place in line for a liver transplant.

Your physician will guide you regarding the specific diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

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Patients with conditions of the digestive tract often suffer for years before their conditions are accurately diagnosed and treated. No matter how complex your condition, our specialists can provide the care you need.

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