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Kidney Services at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Your body has several internal waste removal systems, including your kidneys. The kidneys clean your body's fluids and regulate your chemical balance. Unfortunately, disease or trauma can damage your kidneys and cause them to fail. Common causes include diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney inflammation or inherited kidney diseases. Problems with kidney function can be detected by simple laboratory tests such as urinalysis. 

Inpatient kidney services are offered at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, clinics in the Pasquerilla Healthcare Center offer outpatient care, and dialysis care is provided by our physicians in neighborhood dialysis centers. We also offer outpatient hemodialysis at units in the Georgetown and Union Station region and provide training for selected patients with kidney failure to undertake their dialysis in their own home on a regular basis.

We care for patients with any form of kidney disease or high blood pressure. Whatever your health need, we can help you feel better.