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Our department strives to rebuild and restore lives through a variety of services. MedStar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is dedicated to helping people with a wide range of problems or concerns. Both surgical and non-invasive treatments are available for patients with cosmetic as well as functional problems of the face, body, and extremities.

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Expert, Compassionate Care: Focused on You

When it comes to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, it is important to find a care team that you can trust. At MedStar Health, you’ll find experienced clinicians who can help you accomplish your individual health and appearance goals. We offer innovative technology and techniques, world-class facilities, and renowned surgical expertise.

If you are considering a plastic or reconstructive procedure, we are here to help. We will listen to your hopes and concerns, give you all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your care and work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Services

MedStar’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Reconstructive surgery to repair changes to appearance or function caused by injury, birth defects, disease, or treatment for a medical condition, such as breast cancer.
  • Cosmetic surgery to improve personal appearance and self-esteem.
  • Wound care services to treat non-healing wounds. Our designated wound care team can help you find relief and regain normal functioning.
  • Podiatric surgery to correct foot and ankle injuries, bone spurs, neuromas (pinched nerves) and other problems. Surgery can improve functioning and alleviate pain.
  • A large number of additional services, including identify-affirming procedures, surgeries to relieve chronic pain, and treatment for pediatric craniofacial conditions.

Surgical Expertise and Innovative Techniques

The MedStar Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program is home to internationally-renowned experts. With specialized training and a track record of success, you can feel confident that your health is in capable hands.

All of our surgical services are performed using the latest equipment and technology. Minimally-invasive, endoscopic, and robot-assisted techniques are used whenever possible. These surgical approaches can reduce the risk of complications, shorten healing time, and reduce pain.  Our surgeons are at the forefront of new developments in their field.

A Collaborative Approach

Many patients seeking reconstructive or plastic surgery are in treatment for complex health conditions. Few healthcare systems offer the breadth or caliber of specialty services that you will find at MedStar Health.

Physicians in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program work closely with specialists across departments. At MedStar Health, you can conveniently access any other specialty care you may need. Your entire clinical team will work together to ensure the most seamless care experience possible.

The Quality Care You Deserve

You deserve to work with a plastic and reconstructive care team that will take the time to understand the look and function you hope to achieve, talk with you about all the options available, and put the latest technology and techniques to work to help you achieve the best possible results. At the MedStar Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program, we are proud to offer unparalleled clinical expertise and a personalized, compassionate approach.