Dr. Tim DeKlotz and Dr. Amjad Anaizi in the OR

At the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Skull Base Center, we are committed to achieving the best outcomes for patients who have tumors deep within the brain.

The term “skull base” refers to the gap between the bottom of the brain and the part of the skull that is directly below it. Within the skull base are the blood vessels that supply the brain with nutrients and oxygen, as well as nerves that are critical to functions such as vision, smell, hearing, facial movement and breathing.

Conditions that can affect the skull base include benign and malignant tumors, spinal fluid leaks, and birth abnormalities. Treating this hard-to-reach part of the body requires expert knowledge and skill. The best outcomes can be achieved by well-equipped, experienced surgeons working as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Each patient at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Skull Base Center receives compassionate, individualized care. Experts in Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, Otolaryngology, Interventional and Neuroradiology, Neuro-ophthalmology, Medical Oncology work closely with other clinical specialists throughout MedStar Georgetown. This team is equipped with the latest technology. Advanced diagnostic and treatment tools include:

  • CyberKnife®, one of the most advanced and effective stereotactic radiosurgery technologies
  • Proton therapy, a highly advanced form of radiation treatment that precisely targets and destroys cancer cells but spares healthy cells
  • Interventional radiology, which allows our clinical team to reduce blood flow to a tumor prior to surgery
  • Endonasal, endoscopic approaches, a minimally invasive surgical technique that our surgeons use to resection brain, cranial base, and sinonasal tumors. Minimally invasive techniques allow for faster healing, less pain, and lower risk of complications.

If you are suffering from a condition of the skull base, you are not alone. The expert team at the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Skull Base Center is here to help.  Learn more about our comprehensive treatments below.

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