Pituitary tumors can have a large impact on your quality of life because of the pituitary gland’s important role in regulating your body’s hormones.

At the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Skull Base Center, we offer comprehensive, advanced therapies that are customized to you based on factors that include your overall health and circumstances along with the size, shape, location and hormone production of your tumor.

Microsurgery for Pituitary Tumor Treatment

Microsurgery is surgery to remove your pituitary tumor using specialized tools and techniques that allow your surgeon to see and manipulate tiny, delicate brain structures. Your surgeon will remove the tumor through an incision in the upper part of your lip or in your nose. This approach is best for larger and more complex tumors.

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery at Georgetown

In neuroendoscopy (endoscopy that involves the brain), physicians use a special tool called a nasal endoscope to remove your tumor from below, through your nasal cavity. This procedure requires no incisions and often means a shorter recovery time and hospital stay.

What makes this procedure unique at Medstar Georgetown is that our surgeons partner together throughout your time with us, from consultations through the actual procedure. Our ENT surgeons and neurosurgeons consult and operate together regularly, contributing to better, safer outcomes. At many other institutions, neurosurgeons do not have a regular partner to work with which can lead to disjointed care.

Cyberknife Radiosurgery for Pituitary Tumors

Cyberknife is a painless, non-invasive way to shrink your tumor and reduce the hormone regulation problems it causes. Cyberknife radiosurgery delivers highly focused, targeted beams of radiation to your tumor while avoiding surrounding healthy tissue by simultaneously tracking and adjusting for both tumor movement and any movements you make during the procedure.

Since skull base pituitary tumors are often located close to important optic structures within the brain, Cyberknife’s precision is an important tool to help your physician avoid serious complications, like blindness.

Learn more about our Cyberknife program at Medstar Georgetown.


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