While there are some misconceptions about epilepsy surgery, there is no doubt that epilepsy surgery can sometimes be the best treatment for those patients who are drug-resistant to epileptic medications. In fact, if you have tried two or three anti-seizure medications that have not helped, you may want to consider pre-surgical monitoring to discover if epilepsy surgery might be right for you.

MedStar Health offers some of the most sophisticated surgical techniques to treat epilepsy worldwide, so if our doctors do recommend epilepsy surgery, you should know you are in the best possible hands. Brain surgery is very delicate and complicated work, and our highly skilled surgical team will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you.


  • Temporal lobe resection removes all or part of the temporal lobe, where many partial seizures originate.
  • Extratemporal cortical resection removes all or part of other lobes of the brain if seizure activity is traced to those locations.
  • Lesion resection removes any brain lesions that are causing seizure activity. Brain lesions may be tumors or other brain abnormalities that have been detected by MRI during the diagnostic process.
  • Corpus callosal section severs the nerve pathways connecting the two halves of the brain. Successful surgery ensures that any seizure activity originating in one-half of the brain will be unable to spread to the other half of the brain. 

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