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Richard Figuero Spine Patient
Richard Figuero, Spine Patient

One more fall could have landed Richard in a wheelchair. Today he's back on the court.

When Richard Figuero's leg pain progressed to full body tingling and numbness, his primary care physician referred him to the experts at the MedStar Health Spine Center. The team moved quickly, recognizing the severity of Richard's illness. With proper diagnosis and treatment, Richard's care team not only solved his pain, but he's running and scoring aces on the tennis court. Read more about Richard's story.


Deborah Mills, Spine Patient
Deborah Mills, Spine Patient

“Every day is a good day now.” - Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills had back pain that threatened her active life. Determined to find relief, she turned to the MedStar Health Spine Center for help. Deborah is now back to riding horses. Read More


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