Our Spine Patients

Deborah Mills, Spine Patient
Deborah Mills, Spine Patient

“Every day is a good day now.” - Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills had back pain that threatened her active life. Determined to find relief, she turned to the MedStar Spine Center for help. Deborah is now back to riding horses. Read More


Tolu Ojo, spine patient
Tolu Ojo, Spine Patient

She went from crawling up the stairs to spinning up a storm.

Years of intense back pain had reduced Tolu Ojo to crawling up the stairs each night just to reach her bedroom. She sought relief in many ways—from spinal injections and visits to numerous surgeons, to chiropractic treatment. Then Tolu saw a specialist from the MedStar Spine Center who diagnosed and treated her spine condition. Shortly after surgery, she was walking again—without pain. Today her life is back in gear, and she couldn’t be happier.


Dan Paul, spine patient
Dan Paul, Spine Patient

Dan went from neck pain nightmares to marathon dreams.

Avid runner Dan Paul had searing neck pain that other treatments didn’t resolve. At the MedStar Spine Center, surgeons replaced his herniated disc, and two days after being cleared to run again, he won a 5K race in his age group.

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