The tarsal tunnel is a space where the leg nerve (tibial nerve) travels down to the ankle. Many other structures are found here, as well, including tendons, veins, and arteries, leaving little room for expansion.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome occurs when the tunnel swells, compressing the tibial nerve and causing pain, burning, and tingling occur along the inside of the ankle, heel, arch, and sole of the foot. Symptoms tend to increase as the day progresses and are usually worsened with increased activity, such as walking or exercise. Prolonged standing in one place may also be an aggravating factor.

Tarsal Tunnel


The surgery is performed through a small incision behind the ankle bone on the inside of the foot. Scar tissue is removed and the nerve is released.

Pre- and Post-operative

The answers to many of your pre- and post-operative questions are in the pre-operative handout that was given to you. Please take a moment and read through it.

Your first post-operative appointment will be 10 – 14 days after surgery. At that time, the dressing and sutures will be removed. A removable walking boot will be applied and gradual weight bearing will begin. Physical therapy will be ordered.

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