The tissues that attach your bones to your muscles are called tendons. When your muscles flex, tendons spring into action, helping to move your bones. It is easy to injure the tendons in the arms and hands, since we use them so often.

Tendon Flexor Injuries

The muscles located in the hand and forearm that control the bending or flexing of the fingers are called flexor muscles. The tendons of the flexor muscles that lead to the fingers and the thumb begin just beyond the middle of the forearm.

Deep cuts on the palm side of the wrist, hand, or fingers can cause tendon flexor injuries. With partial cuts, fingers may still bend, but the motion will be painful and the tendon may eventually rupture. When both tendons are cut completely through, the finger joints cannot bend on their own at all.

It is more than likely that your doctor will recommend surgery to repair your cut tendon. Following surgery, and depending on the type of cut, the injured area will either be protected from movement or started on a very specific limited motion program for several weeks.

Trigger Finger

If you have a finger that is stuck in a bent position and jerks suddenly back into place, you suffer from trigger finger. In some cases, the finger may not be able to straighten out at all.  Trigger finger develops when the protective covering surrounding the tendon becomes inflamed, making it difficult for the tendon to slide back and forth smoothly when your finger moves. 

Learn more about Trigger Finger Treatment.

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