The tendons behind the outside bone of the ankle, also called the peroneal tendons, allow the foot to move outwards. These tendons balance the ankle and prevent the foot from constantly turning inwards. Because they are slightly weaker than the tendons on the inside of the ankle, they are prone to injury when the ankle is sprained.

When the tendons are torn, you will usually have swelling and intense pain, and the outside of the ankle feels unstable. Once the tendons pop out of their supporting ligaments, recurrent dislocation and tearing is almost certain to occur. To prevent future tearing, these ankle tendons must be repaired.


A thorough physical examination by the physician is usually enough to diagnose a tendon dislocation or tear, although your doctor may recommend an MRI so he or she can visualize the extent of the tear.


When the peroneal tendons are torn, your doctor may recommend ankle tendon reconstruction surgery to repair them. For less severe tears, suturing may suffice. If you have an acute tear, your doctor will use tendon tissue grafts, taken either from elsewhere in the leg or from a tissue bank.


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