Cervical Spine Surgery

If your cervical spine condition does not respond well enough to non-surgical treatment, you may need surgery.  The orthopedic surgeons at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital have experience treating spine conditions with a variety of surgical options and techniques.

Neck Pain Surgery Options

We perform cervical spine surgery for conditions including:

Surgical approaches for neck pain we may use include:

  • Anterior and posterior entry, meaning we access your spine from either the front or back of your neck.
  • Traditional open surgery, in which we use an open incision to access your neck.
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques, in which we use special instruments and computers to repair the problem in your neck with smaller incisions, which results in faster recovery and less pain for patients.
  • Motion sparing surgical techniques, which are techniques that allow us to repair damaged vertebrae without impacting your ability to move your neck.
  • Traditional fusion, in which we merge vertebrae in your neck to resolve your pain.

Neck Surgery – MedStar Georgetown’s Personalized Approach

One of our top priorities is to educate you and your family about your condition, and about all of your possible surgical options. You benefit from the time we spend together reviewing your options and answering all of your questions. Together, we weigh the risks and benefits of each option and we allow you to come to a decision that feels right for you.

We also offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care, so we can easily coordinate with other specialists who can help you.

You will benefit from our particular expertise in:

  • Cervical Artificial Replacement: This procedure allows us to decompress the nerves in your neck without compromising your ability to move your neck.  Traditionally, orthopedic surgeons treat neck pain caused by pressure on the nerves and spinal cord with fusion surgery, which unites affected vertebrae into one solid bone. This resolves pain, but replaces it with neck stiffness. Cervical artificial replacement not only resolves your pain, it preserves your neck range of motion. This unique motion-sparing technique also allows you to return to your normal activities faster and with fewer post-operative safety measures.
  • Laminoplasty: MedStar Georgetown is the one of the only hospitals in the area with the expertise to perform this advanced procedure to manage cervical spinal stenosis. Generally, people with cervical spinal stenosis need multiple levels of neck surgery. This motion-sparing procedure, in which we access your spine from the back of your neck, takes pressure off the spinal cord but does not limit your ability to turn and move your neck, and helps you  avoid a fusion procedure. Read more about successful laminoplasty at MedStar Georgetown.
  • Microscopic and Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery: We use a large surgical microscope for certain cervical procedures, and often in conjunction with various minimally invasive techniques. This advanced, cutting edge technology allows your surgeon to offer you greater precision and accuracy, which is critical for managing the delicate nerves around the cervical spine.

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