The spinal surgeons at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital have unique expertise in a new, highly effective surgical technique called motion-sparing spinal surgery.

Traditionally, surgeons treated conditions that put pressure on the spinal cord and related nerves with fusion surgery. Fusion surgery merges the vertebrae causing your problem, which relieves pain and pressure, but also restricts your ability to move. Motion-sparing spinal surgery gives you the best of both worlds – it relieves pressure on your spinal cord and preserves your range of motion—without fusion.

Motion-sparing Spinal Surgery – Personalized Approach at MedStar Georgetown

No matter what procedure you are considering, our spinal surgeons work with you to explain your options. We spend time with you and your family describing all of your surgical treatment possibilities and weighing the risks and benefits of each one. Together, we make a decision that you feel comfortable with and that is appropriate for your lifestyle.

You also receive multidisciplinary and comprehensive care since we easily collaborate with any other specialists you have.

Motion-sparing Spinal Surgery Options

Our orthopedic team uses motion-sparing techniques in several advanced spinal surgeries. These include:

  • Cervical artificial disk replacement: In this procedure, we release pressure on the nerves in your neck without affecting your range of motion. This procedure offers you a faster return to your normal lifestyle, with fewer restrictions on your activities soon after surgery.
  • Laminoplasty: Laminoplasty takes the pressure off your spinal cord caused by cervical spinal stenosis but does not limit your ability to turn and move you neck following surgery, because there is no fusion.  Georgetown is one of the only centers in the area that offers this advanced procedure. In the past, patients with cervical spinal stenosis required more extensive surgeries that would require multiple levels of the neck to be fused. Now, MedStar Georgetown orthopedic surgeons can resolve this with a laminoplasty procedure, where you can preserve motion and eliminate pressure on the spinal cord. Read more about successful laminoplasty at Georgetown.

Motion-sparing spinal surgery is effective for a range of conditions, including:

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