If you or your child suffers from a spinal deformity, the orthopedic spine surgeons at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital will work with your family to correct the problem with braces and other non-surgical approaches. If these more conservative treatments do not improve the deformity, surgery may be your best option.

Spinal Deformity Surgery – MedStar Georgetown’s Personalized Approach

In most cases, we try not to treat scoliosis and other spinal deformities with surgery. But if it is an option you and your family need to consider, we take time to fully explain the risks and benefits, as well as all other considerations.  Together, we weigh all of the options and help you come to a decision that feels right.

We also work with any other specialists involved in your care, so your treatment is multidisciplinary and comprehensive.

Spinal Deformity Surgery Options

Surgery to treat spinal deformities serves to straighten the spine and/or release the pressure on spinal nerves. This often requires uniting the vertebrae using special implants to keep the spine together. Techniques we use to do this include:

  • Posterior approach – Gain access to the spine from the back of the body
  • Anterior approach – Gain access to the spine from the front of the body
  • Combination approach – Gain access to the spine from both the front and back of the body

We also use a variety of newer, less invasive techniques to correct spinal deformity.

Spinal deformity conditions we treat with surgery include:

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