If you suffer from chronic shoulder instability and have fractured or worn away the bone at the front of your shoulder socket, you may be a good candidate for coracoid transfer surgery. In this open surgery technique, also known as the Latarjet procedure, your MedStar Georgetown surgeon transfers a piece of bone from the front of your shoulder blade to the front of your shoulder socket. This helps hold the ball in the socket of the shoulder joint and provides extra protection against continual dislocation of the joint.

The procedure is particularly helpful for patients who have had unsuccessful shoulder stabilization procedures previously or who are missing bones in the front of the shoulder socket.

Shoulder Instability Surgery – MedStar Georgetown’s Experienced Approach

At MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons are experts at identifying patients who may benefit from coracoid transfer surgery for shoulder instability.  We have the substantial training and expertise necessary to perform this complex procedure.  Our surgeons are all fellowship trained and specialize specifically in shoulder surgery. As leaders in the field, we research novel shoulder surgery techniques, and even train surgeons from around the nation on how to perform advanced surgical procedures like this one.

In addition to our experience, you will benefit from our personalized care. Your top priority is to return to your favorite activities healthy and pain-free. We share that priority with you and do everything we can to make it happen. We work to develop a treatment plan that will be most effective for you, and help restore strength and stability to your shoulder joint. And, we craft a customized rehabilitation plan for you to support your successful recovery.

Shoulder Instability Surgery Recovery

We work with you and with a team of experts in rehabilitation so your recovery is as fast and as complete as possible. Generally, you will need to wear your arm in a sling for about a month after surgery. Then, you will need to do regular physical therapy exercises for about three to four months to regain your strength and range of motion. We recommend that you do not participate in contact sports for about six months following surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will discuss any further details of your recovery plan with you before your procedure.

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