Our orthopaedic shoulder surgeons are all fellowship trained and specialize specifically in shoulder surgery. We have unique expertise in fixations of the proximal humerus and perform many of these procedures each year. In fact, we often train surgeons from around the country on how to perform surgeries like this one.

In addition, we always spend time with you and your family to address all of your questions and explain your condition and treatment options clearly. To promote your recovery, we will also develop a personalized plan for your rehabilitation following surgery.

We perform fixation of the proximal humerus primarily for injuries such as shoulder fractures

Fractured Humerus Surgery Recovery

Recovery from a fixation of the proximal humerus procedure will take some time. You will spend about four to six weeks protecting your arm in a sling. As your recovery progresses, you will also work on physical therapy exercises to build back strength and range of motion in your arm. Your surgeon will discuss the specific details of your recovery plan with you prior to your procedure.


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