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Sports Medicine from an orthopaedist’s perspective can best be described as the medical management of musculoskeletal injury allowing the patient/athlete to return to a full level of activity as quickly and safely as possible. Our orthopaedists treat athletes from the high school and recreational levels to the inter-collegiate and professional levels. Treatment usually combines initial modification of activity, medications, physical therapy, and occasionally surgical intervention. Within this subspecialty we emphasize the safe, rapid progression of activity with a goal of complete recovery and full return to sport.

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Injuries managed within this field involve both traumatic and overuse injuries that many times are sport-specific. The most common injuries managed within this field involve the knee or shoulder, yet injuries to the elbow, ankle, and hip are not uncommon. Surgical intervention usually involves an arthroscopic approach depending on the condition. Aggressive rehabilitation protocols post-operatively are intended for an expeditious return to the athlete’s activity.

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William F. Postma, MD
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