Arthritis wears away at the cartilage at your knee, which can throw off the balance of your knee bones. This imbalance can cause bowleggedness, where your knee curves out or in too much, as well as damage to your knee joint. Athletes commonly experience this misalignment as a result of overuse or knee injuries.

Surgical procedures, including osteotomy and knee realignment, can correct this imbalance and prevent further joint damage. At MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, we specialize in the opening wedge technique, an advanced procedure in which we access the bone causing the deformity, move it to the right position, and then secure it in place.

These sophisticated procedures correct knee misalignment and are preferable to knee replacement, especially for younger patients.  

Osteotomy and Knee Realignment Surgery – MedStar Georgetown’s Personalized Approach

At MedStar Georgetown, we have extensive experience in osteotomy and knee realignment techniques. We perform more of these procedures than any other hospital in the area. No matter how many procedures we perform, though, we personalize each treatment plan and procedure to your specific needs. Rather than offer the same exact procedure to all patients, we evaluate your injury very carefully, and offer you the most effective surgical options for your condition.

We recommend osteotomy and knee realignment surgery to address conditions including:

  • Cartilage Injuries to the Knee
  • Knee Arthritis

Osteotomy and Knee Realignment Surgery Recovery

Recovery from osteotomy and knee realignment surgery will likely involve a period of rest, followed by rehabilitation and physical therapy to help you regain strength in your knee. Your sports medicine surgeon will discuss the details of your recovery with you prior to your procedure.

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