For those who get their care at Georgetown Medical Center, our expert physicians and team members coordinate the visit of mothers and babies to lessen the number of trips to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

In general, for clinic visits, we adjust to the family’s schedules rather than having a fixed clinic-day. One of the three attending physicians from the Division of Infectious Diseases always sees and examines the children personally. During nights and weekends, these dedicated physicians are the ones who answer calls as well. If a child needs to be in the hospital, they are under the direct supervision of these attending physicians. We provide care to these children either as consultants providing close interaction with the primary care pediatrician or as the primary attending physician.

We offer a family-based approach, where we get to know all members of the family as well as offer as much support throughout the “ups and downs” of medical, and sometimes, social problems. Additionally, medical staffers, Georgetown University students and families get together at Christmas time and during the summer to give and share toys, clothes, food and mostly, to have a good time.

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