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Pediatric Neurologists

At MedStar Georgetown University Hospital's Division of Pediatric Neurology, our expert clinical team provides a wide range of consultative services, neurodiagnostic studies, and therapies for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Pediatric neurologists collaborate with neurosurgeons, neurophysiologists, neuroradiologists, geneticists, neurodevelopmental specialists, and child psychiatrists—all a part of our comprehensive neuroscience center. Our team also includes specialized supportive care and coordination of services, provided by highly trained subspecialty nurses and experienced technical staff.

Pediatric Neurology conditions we treat include: 

  • Concussions
  • Epilepsy
  • Headaches
  • Neuromuscular disorders, including:
    • Muscular dystrophies such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)
    • Muscle weakness due to endocrine abnormalities
    • Diseases of the neuromuscular junction, such as Myasthenia Gravis
    • Diseases of the peripheral nerve
    • Other myopathies, including genetic and metabolic conditions
  • Neurogenetic and neurodegenerative disorders, including
    • Angelman Syndrome
    • Brain malformations
    • Neurocutaneous disorders, such as Tuberous Sclerosis and Neurofibromatosis
    • Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual Disability
    • Fragile X Syndrome
    • Mitochondrial disorders
    • Neurometabolic disorders
    • Prader Willi Syndrome
    • Rett Syndrome
  • Movement disorders, including:
    • Motor and/or verbal tics, or Tourette syndrome
    • Dystonias
    • Myoclonus
    • Tremors
    • Chorea
    • Hereditary and acquired ataxias
  • Pediatric sleep disorders
  • Pediatric stroke, including spasticity (cerebral palsy)

Pediatric Neurology programs offered:

Pediatric Epilepsy Program

Our comprehensive epilepsy program provides physical and neurological examinations, 24-hour EEG studies, video-EEG studies, and epilepsy surgery evaluations. We also have pharmacotherapy, device therapies, ketogenic diet, and comprehensive surgical services available.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is Washington, D.C.'s, only level-four epilepsy center as designated by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. This distinction means that we have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest level of medical and surgical evaluation as well as treatment for those who have complex epilepsy.

Learn more about epilepsy services at MedStar Georgetown.

Pediatric Stroke Program

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is the only Comprehensive Stroke Center in the Washington, D.C., area that provides specialized pediatric stroke care.

At the MedStar Georgetown Division of Pediatric Neurology, a team of pediatric neurologists is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team is experienced in the care of all stroke types that affect children, with particular expertise in rapid intervention for acute (sudden) ischemic stroke

Our stroke team is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric stroke and its various, underlying causes. The team includes experts in neurology; pediatric critical care; pediatric anesthesia; neurosurgery; cardiology; pediatric hematology; pediatric nursing; pediatric neuroradiology; and physical, speech, and occupational therapy.  The Division of Pediatric Neurology offers stroke clinics and spasticity clinics in our Tenleytown location to facilitate follow-up care.

The Division of Pediatric Neurology is actively involved in research efforts designed further the field’s understanding of stroke and its treatment. For patients, clinical trials can offer access to new developments in acute stroke care and rehabilitation.

Learn about the risk factors, signs and symptoms, and treatment of a pediatric stroke. 

Learn more about the MedStar Georgetown Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Pediatric Sleep Disorders Program

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital's Pediatric Sleep Disorders Program offers a pediatric-focused, multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in children and adolescents. Our program includes a team of pediatric specialists in pulmonary medicine, neurology, otolaryngology, and psychology. This expert team evaluates children and teenagers with various sleep disorders and offers recommendations for medical, surgical, or behavioral treatment.

MedStar Georgetown's Sleep Disorder Center has been continuously accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 1985.

Learn more about the Pediatric Sleep Disorder Clinic.

Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Program

The Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Program provides regular followup services to children born prematurely, including graduates of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Our team includes a developmental pediatrician, clinical psychologist, and pediatric physical therapist. We evaluate children’s cognitive, language, motor, and socioemotional skills and provide written and verbal feedback and recommendations to families. In addition, our clinicians facilitate referrals to outside services as needed. Working closely with families and community providers, we work to ensure that all children are given the support they need to reach their full potential.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Program

Children who may have an autistic spectrum disorder and/or serious communication disorder are routinely evaluated by a MedStar Georgetown team of specialists. Communication skills, thinking skills, social interaction abilities, and sensory motor abilities are assessed with family encouraged to participate.

Learn more about the Autism and Communications Disorder Clinic

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