Emotional, behavioral and cognitive problems are very common in childhood and should be approached with an understanding of the developmental and family contexts in which they occur. The Section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital provides comprehensive outpatient evaluation and treatment for children and their families. Our clinicians work with patients ranging in ages from early childhood to young adulthood, and place special emphasis on understanding family functioning and relationships to make the most accurate diagnoses and provide the most useful treatment recommendations. The program offers a full spectrum of therapeutic services including individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy and medication treatments.

Our clinicians have extensive experience treating children with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, disruptive behavior disorders, learning disorders and autism-spectrum disorders, as well as youth struggling to adjust to stressful life situations and coping with medical illnesses. We have a Child and Adolescent Mood and Anxiety Disorders specialty clinic within our program, which focuses on the comprehensive assessment and state-of-the-art treatment of children and adolescents presenting with symptoms of these disorders.

Our faculty are active in clinical and mental health systems research, participate in clinical collaborations with partners in providing youth mental health services throughout the region, and are highly engaged in teaching medical students, residents and post-residency fellows at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Learn more about pediatric care at MedStar Georgetown

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DC MAP (mental health access in pediatrics) is a program aimed at improving mental health integration within pediatric primary care. Staffed collaboratively by a team of mental health clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and a care coordinator) from Children’s National Health System and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, the DC MAP team is excited to offer consultation and training to your practice to help you manage the mental health concerns of your patients and their families. Learn more at 

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