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Our mission is to serve children and families from the diverse communities of the Washington region through outstanding clinical care, training for the next generation of child and family mental health providers, research to advance our capacity to allow every family to thrive, and advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable children and families. Our clinical services prioritize family well-being, emphasizing holistic approaches to the prevention of mental health challenges, promotion of brain health, and treatment of acute concerns using research-based approaches.

Our Clinical Team and Programs

In our training programs, we emphasize a commitment to community-based clinical services and academic excellence.

Our Training Programs

With our research efforts, we focus on developing impactful, collaborative, and culturally competent strategies to prevent mental illness, promote brain health, and optimize early and effective intervention for children and families. Learn more about our research initiatives and faculty.

Early Childhood Innovation NetworkEarly Childhood Innovation Network MedStar Georgetown Center for Wellbeing in School EnvironmentsMedStar Georgetown Center for Wellbeing in School Environments
DC MAP ProgramDC MAP Program  

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