Our Neurointerventional team uses high-resolution imaging technology, including ultrasound (sounds waves), CT scans (a series of X-ray images), magnetic resonance angiography (a powerful magnetic field and radio waves), and angiograms (an X-ray test) to diagnose complex neurovascular disorders.

Our interventional neuroradiologists work hand-in-hand with the world-class neurologists and neurosurgeons on staff to determine the best treatment strategy for you. These specialists use highly developed and innovative techniques, including endovascular procedures (inside the blood vessels), surgery with microscopes, and surgery using radiation. Procedures include:

  • Acute stroke thrombectomy to remove blood clots in the brain through small tubes
  • Brain aneurysm treatment that restores normal blood flow and prevents blood vessels from bursting through the use of coils, stents or flow-diverters (such as the pipeline embolization device, which causes a blood clot to slowly form in the aneurysm, further reducing the risk of aneurysm rupture)
  • Carotid stenosis treatment through minimally invasive surgery or the use of micro-balloons and stents threaded up to the brain through an artery in the groin to remove fatty deposits in the carotid and restore normal blood flow
  • Surgical clipping of complex (ruptured and unruptured) brain aneurysms, redirecting blood flow away from the aneurysm site to prevent rupture
  • Treatment of abnormal connections between the arteries in the brain using liquid agents to block blood flow (such as Onyx or n-BCA)

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Neurointerventional Radiology Specialists