An MRI scan uses a large, strong magnet combined with radio waves to generate multiple cross-section images that are then displayed on a computer. MRIs provide a highly detailed picture of any part of the body and show a high level of detail of the brain, spinal cord, heart, abdominal/pelvic organs and joints.

Body MRI

  • Liver and pancreas MRI/MRCP: MRI provides excellent visualization of the liver and pancreas as well as the surrounding ducts. Liver MRI is offered to patients with chronic liver disease to screen for cancer and other complications.
  • Multiparametric Prostate MRI: MRI can be offered to men with elevated PSA levels to help diagnose cancer and can be performed in men with known prostate cancer to help guide their treatment.
  • Gastrointestinal MRI: MRI can be performed in patients with inflammatory disease to help make treatment decisions and to diagnose complications.  MRI is offered to patients with colorectal cancer to help optimize treatment.

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