Adult Outpatient Physical Therapy at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital offers an innovative technology called dorsaVi™, which measures patient movement using wearable sensors.

The dorsaVi™ technology consists of two three-inch wearable sensors that are wirelessly applied to the shins or back.  These sensors use accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes to immediately capture data about how patients move.  This data is transmitted to software on a computer tablet, generating instant charts and graphs for the physical therapist to analyze.

DorsaVi™ helps our physical therapy team monitor advanced movements and potential asymmetries that would be difficult or impossible to observe with the eye.  The results allow clinicians to develop individualized patient rehabilitation plans based on objective numbers and hard data.

This technology can be used during on-site physical therapy sessions at MedStar Georgetown, allowing clinicians to observe movement data as patients complete exercises. Patients can also wear the sensors for day of off-site monitoring, while out on a run, or while playing sports. By using the sensors during regular activities, patients can capture information about their day-to-day movement patterns and pain triggers. This information can inform treatment plans.

The information derived from dorsaVi™ allows physical therapists to make data-driven decisions. Clinicians can better assess whether a patient is ready for more strenuous movement or requires additional rest, identify what areas of the body need further attention, and understand how different areas of pain or swelling are interrelated. Having access to this in-depth data allows our physical therapists to fine-tune treatment plans as a patient progresses, targeting treatment to areas of struggle. For many patients, the responsive care facilitated by dorsaVi™ can allow for quicker recovery times.

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