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Sleep Center at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Sleep Disorders Center has been continuously accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 1985. A multidisciplinary team of sleep specialists from the Divisions of Pulmonary Medicine, Pediatrics and Neurology offers a broad range of testing and equipment.

Although many people experience occasional trouble sleeping, if the problem is severe or persistent, it may require medical attention. Sleep problems contribute to a variety of serious chronic health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and congestive heart failure.

If your sleep has been disturbed for more than a month and it begins to interfere with your ability to drive, hold a job, stay in school or perform normal daily activities, a physician and board-certified sleep specialist should evaluate you. MedStar Georgetown Sleep Disorders Center can help you get back on the road to a good night's sleep. 

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Our sleep centers provide comprehensive assessment for adults and children with sleep disorders. Learn more about pediatric pulmonary services

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Home Sleep Testing

MedStar Georgetown offers home sleep testing in the sleep center. Please refer to links below for more information on how to hook up a device at home.