Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview® is a new, FDA-approved technique for detecting bladder cancer.

Cystoscopy (or bladder scope) is a procedure that uses a thin tube equipped with a light, camera, and small surgical tools to inspect the lining of the bladder.  Traditionally, cystoscopy uses a white light source to illuminate the physician’s examination. If potentially cancerous tissues are detected, physicians may remove a small tissue sample for later biopsy or remove the tumor entirely.

Bladder tumors can be small or difficult to see, and up to 30% of tumors are not detected by traditional cystoscopy. Blue Light Cystoscopy differs from traditional cystoscopy in two ways: the addition of a blue light, and the introduction of a special Cysview imaging solution.

Cysview solution is introduced into the bladder about an hour before Blue Light Cystoscopy, selectively absorbing into any cancerous tissue that may be present. During the procedure, the physician first examines the bladder with the traditional white light. Next, a blue light is used. The Cysview solution glows fluorescent pink under the blue light, highlighting tumors that may otherwise have been missed.

Used together with traditional cystoscopy, Blue Light Cystoscopy significantly increases the detection of bladder tumors, allowing for earlier treatment, more complete removal of tumors, and improved patient outcomes.

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