When you visit with MedStar Georgetown’s Fracture Liaison Service, we review your medical history and the history of your recent fracture, evaluate your risk for another broken bone and discuss treatment options.

Your health care professional may recommend:

  • Lab tests specific to bone health
  • A bone density scan (DXA) to document the severity of bone loss
  • X-rays or a vertebral fracture assessment to determine if you have had any fragility fractures of the spine

Make an Appointment

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a fracture liaison specialist, call

Phone: 202-295-0544

After all the results are collected, you receive a personalized care plan that may include:

  • An exercise program
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Non-prescription vitamins or supplements
  • Prescription medications

Your care plan is designed to improve bone health and decrease the risk of future breaks.

Follow-up calls or appointments occur one to three months after your initial visit. At that time, your healthcare professional evaluates your treatment and modifies your care plan as needed.