Lombardi Patient Assistance Fund

The Lombardi Patient Assistance Fund (LPAF) was established in response to the financial need of many patients receiving treatment and care at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Although there are some excellent community resources for financial assistance, clinical practice revealed a number of barriers that either delayed or excluded access for many individuals in need. As a result, patients and families were encountering additional stressors during a time when they were already taxed physically and emotionally.

The LPAF provides financial assistance for expected and/or unexpected needs that arise as a result of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. The LPAF is designed to maximize quality of life, safety and/or reduce access to care obstacles for all eligible Lombardi patients.

Lombardi's Clinical Social Workers assess need, manage and access the fund. Of note, there are no administrative costs and therefore 100% of the money donated to the LPAF is available for patient and family support.

Examples of Recent Fund Use

  • One month of medication for a patient who could not afford the insurance co-pay for an anti-nausea medication while undergoing chemotherapy
  • 1 week of child care for a family while a mother recovered after a mastectomy
  • Medication for a young man whose health insurance plan did not include prescription drug coverage
  • Installation of a wheelchair chair lift for a patient whose leg and hip were removed due to cancer helping to increase independence for the patient and relieve family burden.
  • Compression sleeve and glove for a breast cancer patient who was suffering from lymphedema and whose insurance company would not pay for the required therapeutic device/sleeve.
  • Metro fare to and from the hospital during radiation treatment for a patient who was unemployed and without family support.
  • One month rent for an individual to bridge a gap in funds before a disability check is received
  • A car payment for an individual who lived outside of the Metro Washington area and needed his own transportation to continue to treatment independently

To donate, please write a check to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital with the Lombardi Patient Assistance Fund in the Memo line.