Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Training Program (OMPTP)

The Georgetown University Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Training Program (OMPTP) is designed to prepare students for a career assisting ophthalmologists (medical eye doctors), and to enhance the knowledge and skills of those already employed in the field of ophthalmic medical assisting.

Upon graduation from the program and completion of the required clinical hours, students are immediately eligible for employment with individual or group private offices or, hospital ophthalmology practices. Dependent upon the student’s background prior to entering our course they may be eligible for employment with ophthalmic research opportunities, pharmaceutical companies or ophthalmic diagnostic instrumentation.

For more information on the training program, please contact: 
Phone: 202-444-4862
Fax: 202-444-1417

Program Director 
Josh Albowicz, COA
Email: [email protected]

Program Co-Director 
Teresa E. Narayan, OD, MS
Email: [email protected]


We offer a wide range of classes that may interest you! Please visit our website at: https://ophthalmology.georgetown.edu/omp/

After Graduation from OMPTP

Upon graduation from the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Training Program (OMPTP), students are immediately eligible for employment with individual and group ophthalmology practices.

Students who graduate from our non-clinical assistant accredited training programs (must meet the Clinical requirements for work experience)  before applying for the entry level certification (COA). Certification is governed by the International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology, Inc. (IJCAHPO). 

IJCAHPO uses written exams and skill assessments to certify allied ophthalmic personnel at one of three core levels. For current certification  information and requirements contact JCAHPO at 1-800-482-4858 or the JCAHPO website.

JCAHPO’s three core levels of certification offer a progressive career ladder for ophthalmic medical personnel who seek growth in their profession:

  1. Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA®) (Entry Level) 
  2. Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT®) (Intermediate Level) 
  3. Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist (COMT®) (Advanced Level)

The amount of money one can expect after graduation depends on the level of certification and geographic area of employment. In the D.C. area, most OMP earn between $35,000 (entry level)  and $50,000+ (advance level) after their first 6 to 12 months on the job.  If not employed prior to starting a program, most students have had job interviews before graduating.

Accreditation Information

Our training program has been awarded continuing accreditation for our Non-Clinical Assistant, Technician, and Technologist Programs.  The International Council of Accreditation of Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Training Programs recognizes that the Georgetown Program is in substantial compliance with established accreditation standards.  The next comprehensive evaluations will occur in 2021 (Non-Clinical) and 2023 (Technician and Medical Technologist).

More information about the accreditation process with rules and regulations can be found at International Council of Accreditation (ICA).