Specialty Certifications

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital not only encourages nursing staff to obtain professional certification, but also provides benefits and financial support for doing so. The hospital reimburses the nurse for successful completion of the exam. From the clinical to administrative level, nurses are encouraged to pursue such certification, including but not limited to CCRN, CEN, CNA, etc. Managers encourage nurses to move toward this goal in their annual reviews. Essentially, those who successfully complete certification set an example and a standard for others to do the same. In fact, there are nearly 300 certified nurses at MedStar Georgetown.

In addition, support offered by the healthcare organization is paid educational time off when taking a review course or an examination. Also, as interest in certification has increased, administration has responded by providing on-site courses, thus increasing the accessibility of classes for staff. Professional certification is also valued within the Clinical Practice Advancement Program. Achieving certification can be used to satisfy one of the requirements for advancement to Clinical Nurse III; however, it is essential for advancement to Clinical Nurse IV.

Tangible rewards for certification also show the enthusiasm and support GUH has for the accomplishments of its nursing staff. Tickets to a major league baseball game, transportation to and from the game, and a meal voucher were recently provided to those nurses with professional certification. By supporting and providing incentives for the continued professional certification of its nurses, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is raising the standard among its nurses and promoting quality patient care