How We Practice

Autonomous, Collaborative, Compassionate
Care in a Teaching Hospital Environment

At MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, we strive for nothing short of excellence. We are among an elite set of hospitals to be granted Magnet® Recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a designation that highlights the incredible work of our nursing staff.


Nurses at MedStar Georgetown practice with autonomy, authority and accountability. At our academic medical facility and teaching hospital, nurses are encouraged to grow in their profession, collaborate with physician partners and actively participate in the plan of care for acute and vulnerable patients throughout the hospital.

MedStar Georgetown is an organization steeped in the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, or caring for the whole person. With this philosophy in mind, nurses are empowered to provide the kind of compassionate, holistic care that first compelled them to join the field.


Cua personalis at work: Nurse Djenny-Ann, reassuring her patient before surgery.


A Major Academic Medical Facility with a Community Hospital Feel

This unique combination distinguishes MedStar Georgetown’s care. We pride ourselves on fostering a strong sense of teamwork, encouraging our nurses to feel supported by each other and by the organization.

Cura personalis and compassion extend beyond patient care to the respect shared among our staff. When asked what they like best about their positions, our nurses consistently cite the collaborative environment, supportive colleagues, and multitude of growth opportunities. Our hospital-wide surveys repeatedly show satisfaction and engagement scores above U.S. healthcare norms.



Coordinated Care: Nurse Djenny-Ann, participating in multidisciplinary rounds.


"At MedStar Georgetown, the Patient Comes First"

Our internal research also shows that 92% of MedStar Georgetown associates agree that our patients truly come first. Our practice environment provides the supports and resources needed to make that possible, including:

  • A robust shared governance model in which staff councils facilitate professional development and have a direct impact on practice
  • A rewarding clinical ladder
  • A comprehensive new graduate residency program
  • Direct access to the Chief Nursing Officer and executive leadership through regular rounding and open forum meetings
  • A “just culture” that emphasizes shared accountability
  • An emphasis on individual decision making, empowered by clearly outlined priorities.


Collaborative Nurse-Physician Relationships: Nurse Djenny-Ann reviewing the EMR with Dr. Tara Kelly.


Safety | Compassion | Professionalism | Coordinated Care

We are committed to the highest standards of patient safety and professionalism. To this end, MedStar Georgetown has embraced a High Reliability Organization (HRO) framework. Much the same as the airline and nuclear power plant industries, HRO hospitals offer a proactive safety model focused on anticipation and prevention of potential problems.  Each highly-trained member of our staff is a key part of our safety success.

This focus on consistent excellence extends to our Interdisciplinary Model of Care (IMOC). This model structures our collaborative care approach. As a teaching hospital, open communication and consistency are extremely important. Check-list based multidisciplinary rounds, physician/nurse bedside rounding, and dedicated time at the patient’s bedside allow for reliability and efficiency, as well as relationship-based compassionate care.

MedStar Georgetown is committed to providing our nursing staff with an innovative and supportive practice environment where they can thrive and grow while providing expert patient care. Exceptional nursing is at the core of MedStar Georgetown’s mission.


Our Interdisciplinary Model of Care: Nurse Djenny-Ann and Dr. Tara Kelly rounding at the beside.