Medications & Diagnostic Services


Medications are an important part of your treatment plan. You must tell your practitioner all medications as well as the doses you are taking, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, diet supplements, herbals and/or vitamins. This is very important because even the most common drugs can cause complications when taken with other medications or treatments.

Some patients find it helpful to bring in their medications so that the staff can be sure of the exact drug type and dosage you have been taking. (Your personal medications will then be sent home with your family.) It is also very important to inform your healthcare team of any allergies or adverse reactions to foods, drinks, medications or sensitivity to latex. In unusual instances, the physician may wish for you to use your medications brought from home. This can only occur when the prescriber explicitly writes a complete "patient may take own medication" order in the chart. Such drugs will be kept at the nurses' station, brought to the patient at dosage times, and returned at the time of discharge.

When a healthcare member enters your room to administer your medications, he or she will need to verify your identity by looking at your identification band and asking your name and date of birth. It is a good idea to carry a wallet-size information card (such as an index card) with vital health history including medications you are currently taking as well as notation of any allergies to medications. If you would like a copy of the medications you are taking while in the hospital, please contact your nurse who will have the list printed for you.

Tests and Diagnostic Procedures

During your inpatient stay, you may be asked to undergo various tests. Due to the nature of certain tests, you may be asked not to eat or drink during particular time periods. For other tests, you may be asked to undergo special preparations or drink specific liquids prior to the test being performed. Some tests may even take longer than one day to complete. Following all the instructions will help to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. Regardless of what tests you may have, we will fully explain each one to you and inform you of any special preparations or restrictions required.