One of the nation's premiere gastroenterology (GI) programs is housed at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. In fact, some of the field's most advanced methodologies have been pioneered and perfected by MedStar Georgetown's gastroenterologists. Chief among them is the use of endoscopic procedures to evaluate and treat certain GI conditions minimally invasively, avoiding the need for surgery.

The team includes world-renowned experts in the many different parts of the digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach and small and large intestine. GI specialists also treat disorders of nearby organs that aid in digestion such as the liver, pancreas, bile duct and gallbladder.

Specialty centers and programs include:

Each offers highly specialized services and technology that are often unavailable elsewhere. The team is also committed to using the least invasive techniques to enhance both accuracy and patient comfort, including some of the most technically difficult and sophisticated approaches. As a result, MedStar Georgetown's GI program produces exceptional diagnostic and treatment success rates, even for some of today's most challenging conditions and complex cases.

First and Foremost

  • The only Pancreatic Disease Program in the District of Columbia, featuring dedicated experts, a nurse coordinator and the area's highest volume of complex pancreatic surgical procedures
  • One of the first hospitals in the nation to use the Cellvizio® confocal probe, the world's smallest microscope, to improve the detection and management of GI disease during endoscopy
  • Among the nation's first hospitals to offer wireless capsule technologies-vitamin-sized capsules that contain a camera, light, batteries and transmitter-improving patient comfort and diagnostic accuracy

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