Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in American men, and thankfully today many effective treatment options are available. At MedStar Georgetown a team of Prostate specialists, including radiation oncologists who specialize in this type of cancer treatment, work together to develop multidisciplinary treatment plans for each patient. Treatments could include surgery and radiation and focus on preserving function and quality of life.

Recent advances in treating prostate cancer with radiation medicine have yielded excellent long-term results, shortened treatment times and minimized side effects. New technology allows us to effectively treat tumors with pinpoint accuracy, sparing surrounding healthy tissues.  

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Pioneering Experts on Leading Technologies to Treat Prostate Cancer

Our Radiation Medicine team is one of the world’s leaders in using CyberKnife Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, having treated over 1,000 people with this technology over the past nine years. They participate in clinical trials and publish research to inform peers on effective use of radiation medicine treatments.

Specific treatment plans might include:

  • External Beam Radiation: Focuses radiation on the prostate from external machines. Radiation conforms to the shape of the tumor volume, treating the cancer while liming the exposure to normal tissue. External therapy is usually given over a six-week period. Technologies include:
    • Three-Dimensional Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT)
    • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
    • Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
  • Internal Radiation: Applies sealed sources of radioactive materials known as "seeds" and implants them directly inside tumors. As a result, tumors are treated with very high doses of radiation while the dose to surrounding healthy tissue is minimized.
    • Brachytherapy
    • Interstitial Implantation
  • Proton Beam Therapy – Uses energy from protons instead of photons, allowing high dose radiation with no exit dose, resulting in fewer side effects than traditional radiation.

Access to Treatment Innovations

MedStar Georgetown’s Radiation Medicine team offers patients access to other innovations in treatment protocols, such as using rectal spacers—a very innovative approach to spare healthy rectal tissue during treatment.

What is radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays called photons, which can destroy cancer cells during high dose radiation treatments. This happens on the microscopic level, and patients do not feel the radiation during treatment.

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Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Radiation Medicine is an integral part of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. The MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center in the Washington, D.C. region. Learn More

Clinical Research

The Department of Radiation Oncology conducts continuing clinical research that focuses on ways to more effectively and safely treat tumors with radiation while minimizing the amount of radiation critical organs and nearby healthy tissue receive.

Ask your Radiologist to learn more about the research at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.