Role of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program

Bloodless medicine and surgery is considered in the clinical setting for patients of the Jehovah’s Witness faith and patients, who desire to avoid a blood transfusion for personal reasons. The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program (BMSP) was established in 2011 to coordinate high quality of care for these patients. The BMSP staff provides education to the MGUH medical community and the Witness community. We serve as navigators for Witness patients seeking a medical institution that will treat them with respect for their beliefs and provide compassionate care.

Core Function of the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program

The BMSP at MGUH functions as the hub for a multidisciplinary team approach to providing transfusion-free care using an evidenced-based approach with relies on three corresponding aspects, which are the pillars of patient blood management;

  • Optimizing hematopoiesis
  • Minimizing bleeding and blood loss
  • Harnessing and optimizing physiological tolerance of anemia through the use of alternative treatment strategies


The BMSP consults with care givers during the perioperative period or hospital stay for non-surgical patients to provide strategies which can optimize the patient’s recovery and promote a good clinical outcome. We coordinate pre-surgical anemia management to ensure optimization of the patient prior to surgery. We communicate the wishes of the patient using a patient instruction sheet which serves as a consent form outlining which alternative blood management treatment modalities are acceptable to the patient.

Referral Center

The BMSP refers patients seeking transfusion-free medical and surgical care to physician providers, who are willing to treat these patients and respect their wishes. We maintain a provider list in the office when patients call seeking a referral.

Provide a Positive Patient Experience

The BMSP staff follows each patient throughout the hospital stay. We advocate for the patients and provide recommendations for anemia management, when warranted. We seek to make our patients’ hospital experience as best as possible under stressful circumstances by using daily round and discussion about the plan of care. We try to address relevant issues facing the patient in a timely manner. When necessary we address these issues up with the medical team quickly and expeditiously.

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Bloodless Medicine Specialists

  • James Malatack, MD, Co-Director
  • Hiep Dao, MD, Co-Director
  • Mike Hofmann, Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program Coordinator
  • Richard Verstraete, RN, Nursing Coordinator

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