At the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Skull Base Center, we are committed to achieving the best outcomes for patients who have tumors deep within the brain.

The “skull base” is a part of the head and a confusing term. It would be better named the “brain base” because it refers to the gap between the bottom of the brain and the part of the skull directly below it. Within the skull base are all the blood vessels that supply the brain with nutrients and oxygen, as well as nerves that are critical to functions such as vision, smell, hearing, facial movement and breathing.

Removing tumors that form in this gap requires a high level of experience, technology, knowledge and skill. Cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive techniques must also be used for the same goal.

Skull Base Tumor Treatments at Georgetown

When confronting the entire range of benign and malignant conditions located in the skull base, our brain tumor specialists design surgical plans around your particular needs and provide therapeutic rehabilitation after treatment to deliver the best treatments possible for even the most complex skull base brain tumors.

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