At MedStar Georgetown, we understand how vital it is for you to have healthy hands—both serve a wide variety of functions and are necessary for achieving our most basic needs and performing our most complex movements. Any hand injury has the potential to significantly affect your quality of life.

From repairing traumatic injuries to treating repetitive motion injuries, arthritis, and congenital conditions, MedStar Health orthopaedic specialists have the training and the experience necessary to restore your hand and wrist function and minimize your pain. 

Hand Conditions

Whether your condition is simple or complex, the expert orthopaedic hand and elbow specialists at MedStar Health offer you effective and advanced options for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Our goal is to help you return to your regular activities healthy and pain-free.

Hand conditions we treat include:

Additionally, we provide the following treatment options at MedStar Georgetown: 

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Hand and Wrist Specialists

Michael Kessler, MD
Michael Kessler, MD
Curtis M. Henn, MD
Curtis M. Henn, MD

Meet Dr. Kessler

Meet Dr. Henn